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Firm Biography in Moreno Valley, California

Our Expertise

At the Law Office of Dariush Kiani, we know that the cornerstone of our firm's success is the quality of the relationship we maintain with our clients. Clients are treated with integrity and respect for their needs, goals, and objectives. We focus on excellent legal representation, listening, and communication with our clients.

Defending Your Rights

The Law Office of Dariush Kiani is a personal injury law firm dedicated to providing high quality, aggressive legal representation to victims of personal injury. Our firm handles many different types of personal injury cases.
Mr. Kiani received his Associate in Arts Degree from Orange Coast College. He then received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University at Long Beach and his Jurisprudence Doctorate Degree from Whittier College School of Law. Mr. Kiani has been in private practice since 1994.
Since we are a litigation firm and unlike many other personal injury firms who do not litigate cases, we actually litigate them and are able to get the maximum compensation for our clients, even in disputed liability cases. We are aggressive in pursuing any kind of personal injury case on behalf of our clients in the following matters:
  • Auto, Motorcycle, Public Transportation, Bicycles, Pedestrian
  • Slip and fall injuries on slippery floors and walkways
  • Trip and fall injuries on raised sidewalks and stairs
  • Falling gates and defective automatic doors
When you have been injured, you must remember that you have rights too!
At the Law Offices of Dariush Kiani we don't care to scream and brag about all the millions of dollars that we have recovered for our clients. In fact we don't just care about a million dollar cases, not every case is a million dollar case. But your case is important to you and we care about you. So we take on any case big or small because we believe we are here to help where we can. For example in 2015 alone we settled nearly fifty cases which were valued at less than $15,000.00.

We also don't just handle easy “slam dunk” cases. We will actually fight for you to maximize the best result for you. Here are a few samples of some of the variety of cases that we have handled. These are not the only cases that we have been successful in but are some cases for you to see the variety of what we do.

Some of the Prior Cases We Have Handled:

  • Car accident. Our client had a broken leg. Settled for policy limit $1.25 million.

  • Rear end car accident with less than $700.00 property damage. Settled for policy limit $100,000.00.

  • Head on collision. Police report was completely against our client. Three witnesses testified blaming our client for the accident. The defendant's attorney stood up in court and said they will never pay a penny in this case. I guess he was right. After the deposition of the investigative police officers the officers admitted error and defendants did not pay a penny, they paid policy limit of $100,000.00.

  • Car accident with big rig truck with malfunctioning GPS system. $378,000.00 recovery.

  • Pedestrian struck by car. Police report completely against our client the pedestrian, who had slight injuries. Settled for $31,000.00.

  • Slip and fall walking on grassy area in her own apartment. $60,000.00 settlement.

  • Dog bite. Our client was on dog owner's property without authorization and was bit with one small puncture wound. $115,000.00 recovery.

  • Side swipe car accident. $225,000.00 recovery.

  • Door slams on kids hand in school during recess. $25,000.00 settlement.

  • Slip and fall in restaurant bathroom from water on the floor. Initial offer to settle the case to client was $6,500.00. After she retained our office, case settled for $50,000.00.

Please note that each case is different and has its own merits, therefore the outcome on one case may be different in another case and the above is not a guarantee, warranty, or prediction in the outcome of your case.