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Elder Abuse and Neglect in Moreno Valley, California

Rest assured that your loved one's elder abuse or neglect case is handled with skill and proficiency when you call on our law firm in Moreno Valley, California. The personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Dariush Kiani also specialize in situations of elder abuse and neglect at hospitals and nursing homes.


Elder Neglect — Elder Law Attorney in Moreno Valley, CA
Our loved ones worked their whole lives to care and provide for us. Unfortunately, for various reasons, many families cannot care for their loved ones in the twilight of their years. So they entrust the health, safety, dignity, and lives of their loved ones to nursing care facilities and hospitals. Unfortunately, not all these facilities truly care for their patients.
If your loved one is in a nursing home or a hospital and there is suspicion of wrongdoing or abuse (such as inappropriate nursing care, injuries, etc.) then you need to get some legal assistance. The Law Office of Dariush Kiani will represent the victims of elder abuse with care and compassion.
Some of the major injuries that can occur in nursing homes are as follows:
1. Development of Pressure Ulcers
2. Dehydration and Malnutrition
3. Medication Errors
4. Falls
5. Burns and Scalds
6. Physical and Chemical Restraints
Even though you can never put a price on the pain and suffering of a loved one, we can assist you in obtaining appropriate monetary compensation for your loved one's injuries.
Don't rely on the customer service number that the nursing facility gives you to file a complaint. Those complaints usually fall on deaf ears and will certainly not compensate your loved one for the injuries that they have suffered. You are the only one that can protect them. Contact us for appointment today!
Contact us in Moreno Valley, California, to schedule an appointment for elder abuse or neglect services.